Advantages of workforce leasing

  • EASY TO MANAGE – you are exempted from payroll calculations. We will invoice you for the workforce leasing service. We will take care of employee documentation, accommodation and adaptation.

  • FLEXIBLE – workforce leasing offers an effective solution for businesses in need of external labour and helps them manage their workforce flexibly. This includes both short and long-term contracts and paying by the hour or by the piece.
  • FAST – we can quickly find the right specialist for the position needed.
  • RISK-FREE – if necessary, we will replace an unsuitable employee.

For the job provider

Workforce leasing is very useful if you want to focus on the content of your work and the development of your business. It is a flexible and convenient way of cooperation, allowing you to quickly find the right employee for a short project or a longer period. Let us find a solution together!

For the job seeker

The advantage of temporary employment is that when one job ends, the employee is quickly offered a new job. When you start working for a temporary employment agency, they will sign employment contracts on your behalf, take care of all your taxes and help you find new work.