What is the difference between workforce leasing and so-called ordinary work?

Contracts offered to temporary agency employees are usually shorter than ordinary employment contracts, but this does not mean that temporary employment is less secure. The advantage of temporary employment is that when one job ends, the employee is quickly offered a new job. When you start working for a temporary employment agency, they will sign employment contracts on your behalf, take care of all your taxes and help you find new work.

Temporary employment gives you the chance to learn new things and experience different jobs in different companies. Many people think that their CVs will get too busy and potential employers will stop taking them seriously. In fact, diversity of experience is highly valued. Those who have proven themselves as temporary agency employees never go without a job.

What kind of person is suitable as a temporary agency employee?

People who adapt quickly to new circumstances and are communicative and reliable make good temporary agency employees. In very many cases you can even land a permanent job.

What are the other advantages of temporary agency work?

It is easy and convenient for employers to see how a temporary agency employee is doing and then offer that person permanent employment.


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