Why is workforce leasing good?

Workforce leasing is a flexible and convenient form of cooperation that is gaining more and more attention. Today, a large proportion of the world’s most successful and largest businesses use temp staff. There are several reasons businesses rely on this form of working.

One of the most important reasons is certainly the speed and flexibility of the recruitment process, which helps the business to be more competitive and focus largely on its core activity.

For many businesses, a temporary employment agency replaces the HR department, with the management of staff and HR work outsourced to the agency. In most of these cases, the result is savings on salary and recruitment expenses.

What is temporary employment?

Temporary employment is a modern form of employment that is increasingly used in Europe and the rest of the world. The use of temporary agency employees allows a company or group to spread economic risks and facilitate the management of its workforce. A company that provides a workforce leasing service will ensure availability of replacement employees during holidays or sickness, ensure the ability to quickly recruit additional staff when needed, reduce recruitment, labour and production costs, and mitigate the risks and liabilities of hiring people.

Workforce leasing is a three-way relationship. Whereas in a traditional employment relationship there are two parties – the employee and the employer – in a temporary employment relationship the user business is the third party.

In a temporary employment relationship, the employer, which is the temp agency, signs an employment contract with its employee, under which that employee is sent to work temporarily for the third party, which is the user business, under the latter’s direction and supervision.


  • Savings: workforce leasing is often more cost-effective than hiring new staff, as it can reduce salary and other recruitment costs.

  • Competitiveness: workforce leasing allows businesses to be more competitive through faster response and regulation of staffing needs.

  • Flexibility: temporary agency employees can be deployed on a short-term or project basis, allowing businesses to react quickly to changes in workload and different needs.

  • Easy to manage: you are exempted from payroll calculations. We will invoice you for the workforce leasing service and take care of the rest.

  • Reduced administrative burden: the work and responsibilities of hiring and management are left to the temp agency, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities.

  • Recruitment process acceleration: workforce leasing helps speed up the recruitment process as we handle all the preparations, such as background checks, interviews, etc., before we offer the right candidate.
  • Temporary workforce opportunity: temporary agency employees are useful when a business needs a larger workforce on a temporary basis.

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